Lisa Day

Remedial Massage Therapy (In practice since 2012), RHN, RRPr.

In 2001, I began my journey in the healing arts, and over the years, my studies evolved into a multidisciplinary approach. Through study and practice, I discovered a complete system to wellness that integrates alternative therapies from Eastern and Western approaches.

My treatments embody seasonal influences, one season at a time. Each treatment combines an Eastern emphasis on the five seasons and on healing through the cycles of nature with a Western emphasis on symptomology and on healing conditions. Although seemingly opposite, together these healing systems have an exquisite synergy. One approach requires the other to perform optimally.

Whether you’re inspired to heal through nutritional therapy or massage therapy, my approach is rooted in the philosophy that we are seasonal creatures. I believe that nothing is more restorative than aligning our own rhythms with those of nature.

My Background in the Healing Arts

A holistic, overall approach addresses the body-mind-spirit in an all-encompassing way. I have found that these teachings, when integrated, create beautiful synergistic results:

•2200-hr Diploma in Massage Therapy

•Diploma in Registered Holistic Nutrition

•500-hr Diploma in Reflexology and Kinesiology

With a continual focus on creating a holistic offering for my clients, I’ve also been certified in aromatherapy, Reiki I through III, and Karuna Reiki I through II. I have studied Shamanism and Soul Retrieval with Sandra Ingerman and Hakomi for bodyworkers.

I receive ongoing training in myofascial release for structural balance with Tom Myers, who has developed a unique system that bridges various approaches, such as Rolfing, Feldenkrais, cranial, visceral, and intrinsic movement studies.

The more time I walk on this earth, the more called I am to deeper inquiries of the nature of psyche and soul. Sparked by my 2001 studies in Vipassanna meditation, I have grown fonder of spending time in contemplative self-study. Meditation and SE Asian travels inspired further studies in Buddhist psychologies and Eastern methodologies of healing. My own practice is rooted in the cultivation of Chi through internal healing arts ― qigong, yoga, pranayama, and stillness practices.

As a client of mine, you can expect a devoted quality of presence for the duration of our time shared and ongoing support in all that you aspire to transform and heal.

With love