Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition, an integrative profession, encompasses the body as a whole with consideration of existing conditions, symptoms, family history & current lifestyles in order to optimize well-being of the individual.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) aims to educate and inspire their clients toward making empowered choices within the quality, quantity & ideal food sources available. Healing from the inside out, unlike conventional medicine, RHN’s are trained to work with clients individually based on specific symptoms & root causes of nutritional deficiencies representing in the client.

Modern civilization has birthed a suffering state of malnutrition & Holistic Nutritionists work to supplement & support imbalances of the digestive, intestinal, hormonal, skeletal, & emotional systems where deficiencies or excesses have accumulated wreaking havoc on our precious organs. After toxins become overloaded in the organs symptoms reveal dis-eases and disturbances within internal harmonies. These toxins can be eliminated by simply reducing our exposure, cleansing periodically & supporting our vital organs integrity to maintain a healthy abundance of protective Qi which keeps our immunity strong & resilient to the stresses of life.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist informs as well how essential food quality & seasonality are in supporting optimal vitality along with the supplementation of proper vitamins & minerals to support a good balanced mood & energy levels allowing overall a brighter, stronger constitution.

The services of RHN’s are eligible for coverage under many extended health care plans. Please inquire with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.