Massage Therapy

Myofascial/Massage Background

Fascia is an internal connective soft tissue that wraps around and interpenetrates all organs, tendons, ligaments, skin, nerves, blood vessels and muscles, providing support and holding all these parts together. It appears as a very thin spider web, a network connecting all the layers of muscles and surrounding all internal body tissues. Drawing on Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridian theory Lisa’s approach to myofascial work is effective in lasting changes in body structure and movement through the assessment of whole-body patterning in posture and function, unwinding restriction of the superficial layers which lead to the deeper root of contraction. Understanding that individual muscles are joined into functional complexes within fascial planes, muscles are seen as myofascial continuities rather than divided segments which encompasses more of a holistic methodology in treating the soft tissue.


Patterns of restriction leading to pain, compromised blood and neural flow, and muscle tension are released along straight lines of pull through application of attentive depth styles applying gentle directional force along these planes. At times there is some discomfort that arises from working into the deeper layers of the fascia as the fascia allows and with attention to the breath flowing with ease, a facilitation of tissue release occurs on a very deep level. Trigger point therapy has also been a great influential in Lisa’s work and experiences its complimentary results alongside the myofascial work.

Lisa draws upon a plethora of diverse teachings over the last 18 years of study in the healing arts allowing a depth and sensitivity that is unique combining gentle maneuvering with deep attentive work, unraveling layers of tension, armouring and resistance, transforming mind, body and spirit back to balance and harmony with life.

With a vast knowledge of anatomy and many hours of continuing education beyond her licence requirements, Lisa continues to be inspired in her work reaching your goals with great passion. Lisa has completed a 2200 hour massage therapy program and can issue receipts for insurance claims.

Pricing Schedule

45 minute massage session: $80

60 minute massage session: $100

90 minute massage session: $147

All prices include tax

Treatments are covered by most Extended Health Care Plans.