A Brief History

Reflexology draws its roots from Acupuncture, an ancient holistic foot pressure therapy dating back to the Ancient Orient(4000BC), with records of its applications as well in Ancient Egypt.

Definition & Practice

In Reflexology Theory there are reflex points in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to an organ or gland and all parts of the body. By applying pressure techniques to the specific reflex points in the feet, hands and ears this form of alternative medicine becomes a safe way of reducing discomfort and energetic imbalances throughout the entire system.


Causes for imbalances

As result to poor diet, emotional or physical disorders or stresses, deposits form in our body along meridian lines causing a blockage in our energy field (known as Qi), a disturbance in this Qi flow wreaking havoc on multiple levels diminishing our natural healing power that allows our radiance and full vigor to be felt day to day, moment to moment.

Simply put, the stimulation of the energy meridians through the foot, hand or ear reflex point causes toxins, debris, accumulation to literally shake off allowing the normal flow of Qi to pass & flow promoting natural function and overall rejuvenation and renewal to the relating areas of the body.

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