Autumn repays the earth the leaves which summer lent it.

George Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799)

Wild is the music of autumnal winds, amongst the faded woods.

William Wordsworth

Fall Program


Caring for your lungs, large intestine, skin and the Metal Element

Fall begins the dark yin cycle when the daylight lasts less than 12hrs. A season of harvest, the gathering together and pulling inward on all levels, the fall season contracts and moves essences inward & downward, in nature and our bodies preparing for the approaching stillness of winter.

We experience a deeper introspective quality which is reflected in the leaves falling, the seeds drying and the sap of trees drawing down to their roots.

The Metal Element rules the Lungs/Large Intestine

Fall Equinox occurring Sept 22 or 23 marks the point where day & night are equal in length all across the planet. A 6-month period begins when yin & darkness expand, preparing us for a period of deep introspection, a time of letting go, essentially of old grief & attachments.

The Nei Ching say’s, “the lower intestines are like officials who propagate the right way of living and they generate evolution & change.”

METAL/AIR energies are expressed in the inner workings and activities of the mind and in developing ideas, writing and speaking.