Earth occupies the center and is called the heavenly fructifier. It is the assister of heaven. Its power is abundant and good, and cannot be assigned to the affairs of a single season only. Therefore among the five elements and four seasons, Earth embraces all. Although Metal, Wood, Water and Fire each have their own particular duties they could not stand were it not for Earth.

Tung Chung-Shu, Philosopher 2nd Century

Late Summer Program


Caring for your stomach, spleen, pancreas, muscles and the Earth Element

A short season, one months span at the end of summer, Late Summer can be a time of intense metamorphosis in nature and within ourselves. Staying centered, staying in contact with the Earth is especially important during transitional periods which assists the Spleen, Stomach and Earth element to align their highest of centering qualities within us. It is a point of transition from Yang to Yin, from expansive growth phases to the inward, cooler, more mysterious fall & winter season. Nature is rich, it is a flourishing, nourishing season, harvests galore, connecting with the Earth Element, we are grounded, rooted and again rekindled and reminded of the Earths abundance. Late Summer occurs between the heart of summer and the coolness of Fall which is correlated with the Earth Element in TCM which governs the central part of the body-stomach, spleen, pancreas. A time to take in nourishment of all kinds that will sustain us physically, emotionally, spiritually through the rest of the year.

To assist a deeper attunement with the Earth Element one may listen to its subtle currents, aligning to the instant where the pendulum reverses its swing, felt as if time stops, a dreamy like state.

The Earth Element rules the Stomach/Spleen & Pancreas

The Spleen being a central organ according to Chinese Medicine, both physiologically & anatomically, defects in its energy can affect the whole body.

LIVER EXCESS is perhaps the major cause of Spleen/Stomach WEAKNESS.The Spleen takes in energy from foods and distributes this energy through the body, every organ depending on it for Life!